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Send Us Your Measurements for a Free Estimate

Not sure how to get your measurements? Follow the steps below:

  • Use a steel measuring tape and measure down to the nearest 1/8".
  • Don't be surprised if your windows aren't perfectly square.
  • Measure all windows, even if they appear to be the same size.
  • Decide if you want your blinds installed within the window opening (Inside Mount) or on your wall/trim (Outside Mount). Most people use an Inside Mount for a neater look, but make sure you have enough depth to allow the product to fit. Use an Outside Mount when your opening is too shallow or when your window is significantly out of square.

Measuring for Inside Mount
Provide the EXACT window opening size. DO NOT TAKE ANY DEDUCTIONS

Measure in 3 places (top, middle, and bottom) and use the NARROWEST measurement.

Measure in 3 places and use the TALLEST measurement, EXCEPT for privacy sheer blinds (use the shortest measurement).

Measuring for Outside Mount
Specify the EXACT WIDTH and the EXACT HEIGHT you want your product;

the factory will make your product the exact size you specify. Include in your measurement room for the mounting brackets, which are up to 2-1/2" tall. Also consider adding a few inches on the sides, top, and bottom for additional privacy as well as to block more light. Be alert of any obstructions like a deadbolt or door knob.

Send Us Your Measurements for a Free Estimate

Got kids or have a big household? Your answer to this question will affect your choice of blinds. As much as you want the most beautiful and elaborate blinds in the market, this is not always possible especially if you have small kids that will play with them, pull the cords and do other harsh things to them. Kids are naturally curious and adventurous and it's not their fault if they show a little too enthusiasm for the blinds. At this time, it may be best to be practical about your choice of blinds. Just because you choose to be practical does not mean you'll end up with the ugliest blinds this side of the planet. Many blinds nowadays feature security and safety features so you are still left with a lot of options. Avoid installing aluminum blinds in areas where kids can reach them because they can easily bend. Roller shades are a great option because they are easy to clean and maintain and they don't have slats that kids will bend and play with. Purchase the clutch operated shades because they are much easier to operate than the spring roller kinds.

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Sheer and fabric vertical blinds are a no-no in busy households because they require more maintenance and will be difficult to clean when they get stained. If you get spaghetti sauce on them, you will need to take them down and professionally cleaned. Sheer and delicate fabrics will also get worn out if you have playful kids tugging at them and playing with them.

You can use smooth vinyl blinds because they are made of flexible vinyl and will not be bended unlike the aluminum blinds. They are also relatively easy to maintain and can withstand abuse.

Wood verticals are very durable and beautiful but if they take a lot of beating they eventually wear down and replacing them can cost an arm and a leg. You may choose to install more affordable options while your kids are still young and move on to wood verticals when they have grown. If you really like the look of wood blinds then consider getting faux wood vertical blinds. They give you the warm look of wood at the fraction of the cost of real wooden blinds. They also offer the same durability of the vinyl blinds and are easier to clean than real wooden blinds.

You can choose PVC vertical blinds because they are durable, provide insulation and privacy and are easier to clean than those made of fabric. They also cost a lot less than real wood vertical blinds so you don't have to stress out if the kids decide to play with them.

Sheer weave sun control shades are also perfect for homes with small children because they offer sun control and at the same time do not completely block out the view of the outdoors.